cute and scary nft collectibles


A generative NFT collectible project of 5.005 unique, digitally modeled cute and scary avatars. To create the vast array of unique characters, the Oddies are randomly assembled from over 100 modeled traits.

Our Oddies, they’re kinda… odd, but they’re nice.

Grab yours as soon as possible to join our fam!


Let’s go, oddies!

From the 5.005 Oddies, a few will be destined to community giveaways and contests on Discord and Twitter.

0.05 ETH + gas (max of 5 oddies per transaction)

After launch
  • Reveal of new 1/1 characters, exclusively music-related Oddies.
  • Release of Oddies Band Project with Debut Song and Animated Music Video.
  • Distribution of a portion of all music-related royalties to all holders. From Youtube, Spotify and other streaming platforms.
  • Webpage design of our own rarity system, where everyone can access an accurate rarity rank of Oddies Club.
  • Creative writing team for the story of Oddverse will join our project.
  • Working on a collection of toys and exclusive limited merch.
  • Holders voting for the best physical products designs.
  • Working on the first airdrop project: a series of companion characters from the Oddverse.
  • Holders with  3 Oddies (or more) will be eligible for this first airdrop.
  • Odd-School of Art: Creation of an online school ONLY FOR HOLDERS.
    (Tutorials about 3D, covering everything on how to start and create a collection like the Oddies Club, and featuring talks with other great artists.)
  • Donation of 5% of all primary sales to NGOs that work with reforestation in Brazil.
  • New content and products with brand partnerships & artists collabs.
  • From Oddies to Anime: bring oddies to life through an animated anime series.

Our future

All holders: eligible for voting for best designs on exclusive merch drops.

Holders of 3 oddies: eligible for community funds rewards & new collection airdrops.

Boddies for Oddies: whenever we can, we are transforming all 5.005 Oddies into fully rigged 3D models, that can be used on online platforms or download.

We’re not stopping here, as long as we evolve together, our plans will get bigger and bigger! This beginning of our journey, so let’s go together!

join our community

the team

Oddies Club is a creation of these three weird fellows. 


Ico is our favorite odd artist who’s responsible for all the visual stuff.


Orion is the brilliant and peculiar dev who’s making everything work properly.


LK is our awkward creative director, and also in charge of our social platforms.


Feel free to hit us up on any of our social channels!


5.005 unique Oddies living in the metaverse